More than the sounds of many waters, than the mighty breakers of the sea, The Lord on high is mighty. Psalm 93:4

About Me

My over 40 years in the preaching ministry has encompassed a wide-range of experiences including five years in youth ministry, eleven years as pastor, a short 15 month chaplaincy with a rescue mission, thirteen years as Navy Chaplain, nine years as an associate pastor of a large church with multi-ministries, and 3 years as chaplain of an assisted living community.

I have dabbled in writing for most of my life but only became serious about it in 2003 when I felt compelled to write a book to address the position Southern Baptists took against allowing women to pastor.  “Women Pastors” is published by Tate Publishing in Mustang, Oklahoma. It is available through local bookstores and on sites such as and Ibooks.

My first blog was After five years of focus on the meaning and application of humility, I changed sites to From these writings I wrote “True Humility,” available only as an ebook at and

Connie, my sweet wife, has been by my side for 42 years. She is currently the school nurse at an elementary school in Fort Benning.  Rachel, my daughter and mother of four granddaughters and a grandson, is a graduate of Georgia State University and pastor’s wife in Woodstock, Georgia. Daniel, my son, is a graduate of University of Georgia, and IT Specialist and Mobile Applications Director at Southern Regional Extension Forestry .