More than the sounds of many waters, than the mighty breakers of the sea, The Lord on high is mighty. Psalm 93:4

Pocket Scripture

What a great idea! A website called provides Bible verses on strips that can be printed from the site. The idea is to cut the verses apart and place them in locations each day for your children to find, i.e. lunch box, near computers, inside reading materials, etc.. An article in the April edition of the AFA Journal tells about the ministry of Christian Child Care Coalition and its website. “CCCC created Pocket Scriptures as an extension of the group’s belief that carrying God’s written Word – even a little piece of it – with you everywhere you go is a practice that reinforces the importance and the power of the Word present in the believer’s life.”

Surrounding ourselves and our family members with The Word is important, isn’t it? So many homes are filled with dusty Bibles and an absence of scripture presence. There are no pictures on the walls with Bible references, no appliqués, no open Bible, refrigerator sticker or Bible what-not. I enjoyed visiting a Christian fast-food restaurant recently (Jim Bob’s) that had several verses displayed in large letters on their walls. I wondered if visiting in the homes of most believers we would find the Word of God so prominently displayed? Would we find any evidence that God’s Word matters?

We Christians must make it obvious to visitors in our homes, but also to our children, that we believe God’s Word and look to it for strength, instruction, and direction every day. Because . . . God’s Word matters.

39 Old Testament Books

See if you can find all 39 books of the Old Testament in this silly story. Don’t expect the books to be spelled correctly. Don’t expect all my words to be spelled correctly. The book name may use letters from one word followed by the remainder of the book title in the next word or two. All books appear in order. Actually only 36 appear. Not listed are 2nd Samuel, 2nd Kings, and 2nd Chronicles. Leave a comment if you find them all. Thanks. Have fun.

The genesis of my life was a cranky exodus from the womb. My brother Joseph and I were extra messy front and back. Dr Levi Yuuh observed with his one good eye and let out a few expletives. No one knew what led Levi to cuss. Numbers of stories were told like Ann Duncan’s who argued, “a sincere apology is due to Ron and me.” Seriously! This is not something to josh you about. A few judges awarded the doctor ruthless penalties for his “unacceptable language.” He had multiple convictions for the same U.L. remarkings. I suppose there are many chronic ills worse than his, as no finesse, rabidity or ignominy. He, my attending physician, divestor of my security, what if without a job, his only earnings alms,  he becomes a proverbsical derelict, laziest, he’s on the road to ruin. But, he’s on golf’s all low man list, and may I say, about his wedgery (my Achilles heel), he’s great. He also likes reading about bulls.

The poor doc had other things to lament. Haitians (all of them smelling like hay) down the hall wanted no medical help. For them birth is easy. Key: L.O.V.E. The hospital was battling an outbreak of Eckarya. Now and then we heard an African wife’s Sudan Yell. Jose, a Mexican father who played the banjo well, claimed music was a must. O bad eye Yuuh, hating the banjo numbers, found my conniption a humiliating brouhaha. Back “uuuk,” Joseph and I a mess, the hay guys, Eckarya, and Ma, like I, screaming her head off. Perhaps the doctor had reason to cuss . . . and buy bull books.