More than the sounds of many waters, than the mighty breakers of the sea, The Lord on high is mighty. Psalm 93:4

Pocket Scripture

What a great idea! A website called provides Bible verses on strips that can be printed from the site. The idea is to cut the verses apart and place them in locations each day for your children to find, i.e. lunch box, near computers, inside reading materials, etc.. An article in the April edition of the AFA Journal tells about the ministry of Christian Child Care Coalition and its website. “CCCC created Pocket Scriptures as an extension of the group’s belief that carrying God’s written Word – even a little piece of it – with you everywhere you go is a practice that reinforces the importance and the power of the Word present in the believer’s life.”

Surrounding ourselves and our family members with The Word is important, isn’t it? So many homes are filled with dusty Bibles and an absence of scripture presence. There are no pictures on the walls with Bible references, no appliqués, no open Bible, refrigerator sticker or Bible what-not. I enjoyed visiting a Christian fast-food restaurant recently (Jim Bob’s) that had several verses displayed in large letters on their walls. I wondered if visiting in the homes of most believers we would find the Word of God so prominently displayed? Would we find any evidence that God’s Word matters?

We Christians must make it obvious to visitors in our homes, but also to our children, that we believe God’s Word and look to it for strength, instruction, and direction every day. Because . . . God’s Word matters.